Halal Certification Training & Coaching

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We provide services including Halal Public courses, In-House Halal Training and Coaching for halal Certification Application. Our aim is to impart knowledge and skills to the participant to enhance their awareness about halal and halal industry.


We provide coaching for GAP Analysis (Pre-Audit) process and coaching for halal Certification Application.  We are monitoring the entrepreneurs until they obtain halal certificates from authority agency (JAKIM). The coaching session mainly included few sessions as follows:

  1. Halal Training for staff and management
  2. Pre-audit session aims to provide guidance and monitoring of current developments the status of halal application and guide for key-in process of data in the MyEhalal system.
  3. Follow-up audit to ensure the record system is prepared and updated as per required in the system and provide guidance for audit preparation from JAKIM and in resolving the issue on incompetence during the JAKIM audit process.


We provide services including Halal Public courses and In-House Halal Training. Our aim is to impart knowledge and skills to the participant to enhance their awareness about halal and halal industry.

Level 1

Fundamental Courses

• Halal Awareness
• Halal Food Premise
• Halal Food Manufacturing
• Halal Slaughtering
• Halal Logistics
• Sertu
• Muslim Friendly Tourism

Level 2

Intermediate Courses

•    Malaysia Halal Certification
•    Halal Management System
•    Internal Halal Committee

Level 3

Advance Courses

• Development of Halal Management System Manual
• Internal Halal Audit Workshop
• Halal Certification Process Workshop

Level 4

Professional Courses

• Halal Executive
• Halal Auditor

Training Plan for 2019

Understanding the basic of Halal Industry is essential to all interested parties who wish to implement halal food premises. In order to provide a halal food, the premise itself  should be Halal Certified. This will ensure that their products are Halal and Thoyibban (wholesome) and should incorporate the halal principles and best practices in their manufacturing processes.

1 Day Session 8 October 2019

Understanding and practising halal should be start with learning on the technical components of halal food, non-food and services. By joining this workshop, participants will learn about the basics of Shariah as well as the halal certification procedures. This module will assist participants to ensure the implementation of halal practices is in accordance to the Malaysian standards. This course will also benefit those who are ready to apply for Jakim Halal Certification.

2 Day Session 22-23 October 2019

Understanding the halal standard and halal certification requirements are important  for the committee member  in order to ensure that the Halal Assurance Management system implemented effectively.  Participants will learn about roles and responsibilities for each of member and the  requirements to be the halal committee.

1 Day Session 5 November 2019

Understanding the fundamental of SERTU in the scope of Halal Assurance System, based on Malaysian Standard and halal certification requirements. Participant will learn the theorical and technical method on how sertu cleansing operations and procedural requirements.

1 Day Session 20 November 2019

Understanding the importance of the principles and concepts of halal logistics  including activities such as the documentation control and management,  material handling equipment and etc.

2 Day Sessions 3-4 December 2019

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