Islah Venture Sdn. Bhd. was established on 17th July 2013, to accomodate the demand for halal instruments and solutions by two remarkable personnel who visualized a global market scenario that embarks into the great halal phenomena.

Through the management’s initiative, IVSB has presented herself in Japan since 2016 until today. The focus of IVSB is to cultivate, nurture and implement the values of Halal integrity in various fields of business ventures, mainly in training and facilitation of accreditation program for halal certification. Not only that, IVSB has also embarked into more productive halal business initiatives in South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our generic elements of key competencies is providing solutions for halal initiatives regardless of continents, races, colors, and cultural values. Halal is a universal necessity and will be the upcoming future trends. The halal market forcast is estimated around 2.5 trillion USD in year 2030 (Global Islamic Index)

Islah Venture Sdn. Bhd. is welcoming business ventures to take a major share in the global halal market and related halal initiatives. We steer our business generation towards the Blue Ocean Strategy, focusing into the untapped market and niche and taking the opportunity to leverage and grow others hand in hand.

Our competency is your marked of satisfaction and we wholly embarked for a wiser and more lucrative halal market.